Cade International Kindergarten
Hangzhou’s Cade International Kindergarten is a new, high-quality International Kindergarten, located in the heart of Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City. Run by professional educators and designed in cooperation with a European team, the fabric of the kindergarten supports our educational vision; the acquisition of the qualities that will allow our children to thrive and become well – rounded individuals in a modern, international, technologically advanced world. In common with the best schools throughout the world, our curriculum is delivered through themed inquiry-based teaching and learning. All carried out within a spacious site of over 7700 m² 

No one has a crystal ball that can foretell the future, but we believe that imagination and creativity will be the primary drivers in our student’s future successes. We believe that every child is different and that each child’s education should follow a natural path supported by the very best educational environment and education model according to their needs; and to foster their physical, and mental development whilst maintaining and enhancing their natural curiosity, imagination, and creativity, together with their collaborative and communication skills and their ability to question.

Cade International Kindergarten

      Our use of inquiry-based teaching and learning inspires students, staff and parents alike.   Staff construct lessons and scenarios that ensure students must use their natural curiosity to learn and develop truly intrinsic motivation. Students learn the skills to reflect effectively on their past studies and to develop their self-confidence, their caring nature, and their tolerance in order to become open-minded, conscientious, courageous and risk-takers. In short, our well-balanced holistic curriculum delivers well-rounded students, rich in self-knowledge and determined to do their best to be their best, whatever task or challenge confronts them.

      We know the perfect education system does not exist and we also believe that it is our duty as educators to work with researchers to further improve the delivery of best educational practice, and thus we are working with teams at both Zhejiang university in China and Warwick university in the UK to improve educational practice, not just here in China but around the world.

      Our beliefs, together with our practice mean that our school is perfectly placed to share best practice and new educational innovation with the wider educational community and therefore we are committed to becoming an accredited IB world school.